PoMo Brewers Row (+dogs)

Second to #yeastvan comes the best thing for beer lovers like us. A whole row of breweries within walking distance. Now my love of beer and laziness can be one. Kayla is much more fit, but loves beer more than anything! Thanks Port Moody, you didn’t disappoint!

Disclaimer: we were scheduled to go home after Mariner but as everyone knows after a couple beers – why not have more! So off to Moody Row we went.

First stop: Yellow Dog.

As everyone knows – we love craft beer. But there’s one thing we love more, and that’s dogs. Yellow Dog will always have a special place in our heart as we have a….yellow…dog named Bailey. Fitting. (Picture for aww factor)

It’s changed significantly since we were in last – with huge walls, a food truck and about a bazillion more beers! It felt right at home though, having a brew under the yellow neon Labrador.

More flights were in order which included some sours, and a plethora of dog-inspired names.

Favourite for the evening: Coffee Blonde Ale – even took a 4 pack to go!

Second Stop: Parkside Brewing:

After the 4 pack was safely in the car, a hop skip and a jump away was Parkside Brewery. Walking in you’re in awe of the sheer size of the place, with an awesome aluminum wall complete with logo.

The walls are covered in local pictures, mostly hilarious – and the retro arcade games really mean something for everyone. There’s shuffleboard too which I learned is secretly my wife’s master skill in life – but it was taken so I gueeeeesssss we just have to come back. (Arm. Rubber. Twisted.)

This is a heavy IPA lineup so I took a bit of a breather and let the wife down some (to get over the shuffleboard disappointment).

Favourite for the evening: Hazy IPA.

Got our little flight glass and it should have been home time but nahhhhh When in Rome amiright?

Last Stop: Moody Ales.

This was the point in the night when everyone else was winding down to be able to function the next day so what did I do? 12 beers on tap. Flights are of 4. We’ll take three please.

12 beers are set down in front of us. And it begins. So many unique beers here:

● Lemon Matcha Saison (How many beer posts will I have to write before my phone keeps it as saison and stops changing it to raisin….)

● Nitro Vanilla Porter

● Raspberry Pineapple Hefeweizen

● Grapefruit Kolsch

Now the above of course is among other more “common” ales and lagers but man was it a good lineup. Couple that with the two friendliest fellows behind the bar and it made for a grand end to a night.

Favourite for the evening: Nitro Vanilla Porter for me and wife played it safe and didn’t have more than a sip to drive us home!

After purchasing a hat to wear back to the land of home and our signature glass, we walked back to the car and made the long trek back to the North Shore.

Twin Sails Brewing – so sorry we didn’t make it but it just means we have to come back!

Because no parent has favourites, we’ll leave you with this picture of our other cute dog, Luna.


Mariner Brewing

Our poor friends always get dragged to the brewery closest to where we stay in Van – for our visiting convenience! (Such good people) but this time, a good friend recommended a new brewery in Coquitlam and obviously, we were in.

Mariner Brewing was situated in a little strip mall off a busy street. Parking was ample (for our sleek old lady rental) and it’s ambience was awesome.

We walked in and were greated with awesome decor and an even better bartender. As much as we love “rustic”, it was refreshing to see blue and gold paint, and something a little different than the rustic-chic that a lot of businesses are turning to – definitely unique!

We each had a flight – Kayla with her more IPA tuned one and me with a ridiculous mash up, and we both said WOW. And not like “we just love beer wow”, but wow. They were all awesome!

Favourite of the night: Raspberry Lemonade Cask.

Luckily they had food and we were hangry. A beer cheese with bread hit the spot and I was sad it wasn’t fat girl Friday because we wanted to try everything on the menu… Guess we just have to go back!

Got our signature flight glass and will definately be back!

Coming Soon: Bulkley Valley Brewery

When we showed up in Smithers for a fun weekend of picking up our new truck, we thought that would be the highlight of Smithers. Boy were we wrong!

We messaged Dave from Bulkley Valley Brewing (going forward I’m going to call it BVB because I’m trendy – and lazy) on Instagram to ask if they were open for a quick refreshment and unfortunately the stars hadn’t aligned for our trip, and it wouldn’t be ready in time.

BUT Dave, being the charming and debonair guy that he is (told you I’d use it for you), suggested that his equally delightful and suave partner, and BVB’s Head Brewmaster Jeff could take us over for a quick gander.

We met Jeff onsite at the old Dawn2Dusk store and behind the brown paper-lined windows, were greated with a fantastic array of wood and steel, modern and rustic – a sight many will adore once they open their doors in the coming weeks. And mason jars galore, guys after our own heart.

Beer wasn’t ready yet (shucks why bother to even gym this week if we don’t drink any) but we did get a tour of the brew room and all its sparkly goodness, coupled with some well-seasoned fermentation tanks from Wheelhouse Brewing and can advise that Jeff has some pretty awesome brews coming down the pipes.

A new truck, and the promise of a new brewery – I’d say it was a weekend well spent in the town of Smithers, BC!

Follow @bulkleyvalleybrewery on Instagram for the latest on when their doors will open, and in the meantime head over to Dawn2Dusk store for some merch!

The Journey Begins

Fermentation may have been a better invention than fire. — David Rains Wallace

Everyone who knows us knows one thing – we love breweries. Everywhere we go we find one, be in a mexican jungle, or small town in Northern, BC – if they brew it, we will come.

Now since you’re new here (don’t worry we are too) let’s find out who “we” are.

Kayla and myself (Jenn) met in 2013 in Vancouver, BC. Growing up in Winnipeg, MB and Calgary, AB respectively, it was nice to meet on less snowy ground. 

Blah blah blah fast-forward to August 27, 2016 and BAM. Married. 

Now our love story is not what you came here for. Beer. Beer. Beer.

Since dating, we both found a love for craft breweries. They were always something constant on our trips, and in our daily lives. 

Somewhere new? Google brewery. Somewhere needed for a birthday? Brewery. Somewhere for an afternoon with the dogs? Brewery.

It’s a nice constant in our life and travels, and one we hope to continue to share with you all. Oh and to collect some cool cups along the way!